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New Year’s Resolutions are nothing but empty promises we make to ourselves yearly. The majority of the time they don’t work. Resolutions have a pattern of collapsing by the end of January, if not by Valentines Day or latest by March... It happens every year, then everyone goes back to their old habits, give up and then try again the following year. It’s TRUE, I’ve been guilty of following the New Year’s Resolution Band Wagon with no results. . What I’ve learned is that if you truly and genuinely want to make a long lasting change in your life, you need to FOCUS on changing BAD HABITS AND BUILDING NEW GOOD HABITS... DAILY and WEEKLY! BUILD NEW HABITS that can improve your current health, relationships, finance and lifestyle for the better. The best part about GOOD HABITS is that they compound and improve your life every year! The longer you do them, the EASIER they become! . Here’s a perfect example, in the beginning of 2019, I decided to make a few adjustments on my daily eating habits along with the types of foods I ate. The photo shows the results side by side: 2018 on the LEFT and 2019 on the RIGHT. THIS IS ONE YEAR DIFFERENCE! I’ve managed to become less puffy, less inflamed, leaner, and healthier. I feel the best I’ve ever felt and my mental clarity has improved drastically. This upcoming year, I will not be sucker for New Year’s Resolutions! I AM FOCUSED ON BUILDING NEW HABITS!

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3 MONTHS AGO — I started to EXPERIMENT with this Keto Diet hype I kept hearing. The idea of changing how your body FUELS itself for ENERGY from standard Carbohydrates/Glucose to Fats/Ketones and lose your body fat sounded really crazy to me but it was interesting. Also, the whole idea of giving up RICE sounded even more crazy. I mean, I’m Filipino and that’s like a SIN to not eat rice in our culture! Lol… I still wanted to give it a try and commit to it because the results sounded promising. I kept hearing that being on Keto gives you sustained energy levels throughout the day without crashing. Keto also improves Sharp Mental Clarity & High Cognitive Mental Focus! Fat Loss and Weight Loss were the “side effects” of being in Ketosis. Those benefits were enough to convince me to give this diet a try. It sounded way to good to be true so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I ordered my KetoMojo meter and started experimenting!

Here are the results… what you see in the picture is considered the “Side Effects” on Keto, which is FAT LOSS! What you can’t see or experience is how I feel throughout my day to day. Everything I’ve read and researched about this diet is on point! A lot of people have been messaging me about it on Instagram and Facebook but I haven’t had time to write back to all of you, I’m sorry… I have decided put this website together so you guys can learn more about exactly what I’ve been doing and how I got to these results.


In 2017 I lost around 30 pounds within 6 months doing just Intermittent Fasting alone. It was the first breakthrough I have ever experienced with weight loss. I have tried many diets in the past but I found that none of them were ever sustainable. I would lose the weight and gain it all back. I felt that I was always at a cycle of losing and gaining weight. I was very over weight at one point in my life, I was around 210 pounds at my heaviest! I was pretty much living “SAD” — which stands for the “Standard American Diet” Addicted to SUGAR…



Since I have been doing Intermittent Fasting for a while, I was already in decent shape. I was ok with myself and how I looked but I wanted to challenge myself and give Keto a try. I’ve heard so many good things about it but what really got me to want try it were the benefits of Mental Clarity and Sustained Energy Levels throughout the day. I wanted to know how that would feel like. I really wanted to take this Keto thing serious and really stick to it so I made sure to order the KetoMojo Ketone & Glucose testing kit. Once I got the kit, thats when I started experimenting with Keto.

Honestly, the first 3 days, I have to admit, it was rough and very difficult. I felt sluggish, tired and felt horrible. I started telling myself “this Keto Diet thing is not for me” I felt the exact opposite of what I’ve heard and read about — I was ready to throw in the towel! However, after quick research on Google and YouTube, I realized that I was experiencing something called the “Keto Flu” a common feeling most people go through in the beginning of Ketosis. This happens when the body goes into carbohydrate withdrawal syndrome. To give you a better understanding, the average human body is so used to burning carbohydrates/glucose for energy that when you start to deplete those energy sources, it has to adjust which makes you feel absolutely terrible.

Watch the video below to learn more about Keto Flu

The good news is, once you get past the Keto Flu, you start to reap the many benefits of being is Ketosis! When I started feeling the benefits of sustained energy levels throughout the day, high mental clarity and suppressed hunger, I started to really get into learning more about it. I’m a bit of a nerd so when I get into something, I get really into it and geek out! lol — I started documenting my daily Ketone and Glucose tests on an excel sheet as well as using my Instagram Stories to archive my daily Keto Tests and Meals. I did that so I can track everything, stay accountable and cross reference everything. The cool part about tracking everything is, I know exactly how many times I was kicked out of Ketosis, when I was kicked out and the food that caused me to be kicked out. Tracking everythig was pretty cool because I can look back at what I did. Over the last 3 months I’ve learned so much about keto and I know exactly what I can eat in order to stay in Ketosis.


As far as eating goes, I keep it very simple. Since the Keto Diet has suppressed my hunger a lot, I am able to do Extended 20 Hour Plus Intermittent Fasting along with the OMAD Diet – which stands for One Meal A Day Diet! The best part about the the OMAD Diet is I don’t really have to worry about eating throughout the day which makes it very convenient for me and my lifestlye. When I do eat, I eat a lot of lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, avocados, meats, eggs, macadamia nuts, walnuts and drink a lot of water with lemon & pink Himalayan sea salt to keep me hydrated throughout the day. My food macros intake is normally around 5% Net Carbs, 25% Protein and 70% Fats.

I stay away from all processed foods, fast foods, sugars, candy, soda, high carb foods like rice, bread wheat, potatoes and the likes…

You can visit Ketogenic Diet Foods for more information on the Keto Diet or check out the Keto Food Pyramid below!


This is by far the most effective and most sustainable diet I have ever tried. I don’t consider this a “diet” — this is actually a lifestyle change. I mean the results speak for itself in terms of appearance and fat loss. That’s as far as the eye can see but what’s really important is if you could ONLY feel how I feel in terms of HIGH Sustained Energy Levels, FOCUS, Mental Clarity, and being able to manage my emotions, then you would really understand more of what I’m talking about! I HIGHLY recommend this lifestyle change or at least give it a try!


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